Quality Hosting

Professional, PHP, MySQL hosting, powered by clustered technology. We use only the highest quality hardware and up-to-date software.

Our hosting comes with 99% uptime guarantee. Servers are powerful and stable. Servers utilize 1 Gbps internet connections.


Who can sign up for FREE web hosting?

Anybody who has a website, or is looking to start their own website can sign up. Whether it be for a personal blog, an online store or a site for your business, Capnix has all the tools to help you run a successful website. With over 50 website applications that can be installed with one click of a mouse, a friendly control panel and automatic domain name registration, you don't need to be technically savvy to be up and running instantly!

How can I get my Account Activation Email?

Log into your Control Panel. Go to ‘My Profile’ and click on link ‘Resend Activation Email’ button only once. Now check your Spam/Junk folder for the activation email. If you are unable to find it try to signup for another account with different email service provider. If yahoo is not working try AOL, Gmail, etc.,

Do you force advertisements onto my website?

No. We don’t force any sort of advertisements, headers or footers onto your website. Your website will be displayed exactly as you designed it.

Can I have my own advertisements on my website?

Yes. You are free to place your own advertisements on your website, run your own online stores or for any other legitimate commercial activity.

Are there any hidden catches / conditions for FREE web hosting?

There are no hidden catches to our web hosting solution. As long as your website is open to the public, used for legitimate, legal purposes and is NOT acting as a personal file store then you have nothing to worry about.  Please ensure you read the terms and conditions to understand what is not acceptable.

Do you allow adult related websites?

No. We do not allow any websites or content that contains pornographic material. Please see the terms and conditions for further details on what is not allowed.

Do you provide free sub-domain or domain?

By default we do not provide free nor sell sub-domains (you.capnix.net) or tld domains (personal.com). You are welcome to host domains from free providers like http://freedns.afraid.org , http://uni.me , etc., or host your paid domains on our servers for free.

Is there a way I can get a free sub-domain?

Yes, simply join our Facebook page and generate 50 Likes for Standard account, 100 Likes for Professional account or 500 Likes for Unlimited account. Before that simply provide us with your name, email address and desired sub-domain name. Once you have reached your target we are going to cross check your account with Facebook Likes. After verification account details will be emailed to you.

How can I reset my cPanel password?

Enter your email address to reset your password


How reliable is your service?

Capnix servers runs in a secure, highly redundant data center in Media, PA. All websites run in a clustered environment, which means they are spread across multiple servers. If any one server was to fail, the other servers are able to compensate for this, ensuring your website experiences no down-time.

We have a busy website with lots of traffic, can you handle it?

All websites hosted with Capnix run on a clustered, multiple server envrionment. This ensures not only reliability if we are to experience a server failure, but allows any website experiencing heavy load to be distributed amoungst many servers. In many ways this is more beneficial that hosting on a single dedicated server. When our cluster begins to come under increased load, we are able to add additional servers to the cluster to expand its capacity, without affecting any existing websites. In addition to this, our cluster has multiple 1 Gbps internet connections, allowing even the busiest websites to perform at more than satisfactory levels!